December 2017 saw the publication of Flood Moon, my third novel. It followed Dark Time in 2014 and Absolute Truth a year later.

Comparisons are odious, but we all make them. If I were to compare these novels, I guess I’d say they all present questions that the reader wants answered, but they are not mysteries in any traditional sense. In Dark Time we want to know what happened to Keira Wilkes, and why. In Absolute Truth we wonder if Brianna Cooper can overcome her own penchant for, and acceptance of, failure. And in Flood Moon we puzzle over a town’s secrets and the effects they will have on its residents.

The characters in all three are flawed, like all of us, but Martin Wilkes, Brianna Cooper, and now  Calvin Hopper are not victims. They all have the opportunity to be better…to do better. Accepting it is up to them.

I have several other works in progress, including a sequel to Dark Time that reprises detective McNally; a novel that centers on a forty year obsession with revenge; and a story that unfolds out of the misery of Hurricane Katrina. My blog is Begging No Questions.