How do I know what I think until I see what I say?

—E.M. Forster

First off, welcome to my website, and thank you for stopping by. You may not give up your day job for it, but stay as long as you want.

We’ll talk about writing and language, of course, but all forms of communication could end up here, especially in the Word Play.

I’ll talk about my novels of course, and what I’m working on now.

In the Lefora section we’ll talk about some works my friends have written too.

Now about that quote up top: it’s from one of British author E.M. Forster’s characters and it was imparted to me in a writing workshop decades ago. It illustrates the importance of getting our thoughts down on paper—or what passes for paper these days—so that we can gain a better idea of our minds at work.

Mr. Forster also suggested that we “[m]istrust all enterprises that require new clothes.” After I published Dark Time I did, in fact, buy some new clothes. When my closet was full, there was no room for an Absolute Truth wardrobe. Now with the publication of Flood Moon, I plan to adhere more firmly to Forester’s advice. Jeans and t-shirts–and a fleece in the winter.

Although this website will be more than a place to order books, you will see these three novels along with links to synopses and methods of purchase. I hope that you will read and enjoy my books, but I hope even more that you will be willing to discuss them–or to discuss writing in general–with me, right here.

I’ll be fine with your criticism–I used to be a classroom teacher.