Novel III

I’ve been asked what I’m working on now. I’m really gratified—thrilled—that anyone is interested, but I continue to give evasive answers…except they aren’t really evasive. It’s just that I’m working on several different pieces, three of which are finished, one of which is 90% done, and a fifth which is floundering about like Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author. I should also note that by finished I mean unedited, unproofread, and uncovered.

Just details.

From oldest to newest (with titles, as always, subject to change.)

And Let All Sleep: A woman seeks revenge against the airline whose negligence took her father’s life and doomed her mother and her to misery and hardship.

The Truth the Dead Know: A daughter attempts to rescue her mother from Hurricane Katrina and uncovers a trove of secrets about the woman, and quite a few about herself.

Flood Moon: In the American West, a New England transplant becomes enmeshed in the daily lives of a small community whose secrets place him and those around him in danger.

Northward: In the sequel to Dark Time, New York PI Francis McNally reluctantly tracks another missing person, but this time goes the distance and faces danger in Arctic Canada.

A Lesser but Equal Life: Some things happen to some characters in various places. (Hey, it’s early.)

Occasionally I’ll post some excerpts, and by all means let me know what sounds interesting to you.

And again, thanks for asking.

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