Dark Time, 2014

The “Miracle on the Hudson” is no miracle for Martin Wilkes. His wife is one of the survivors, but turns up missing in the aftermath. With few clues and almost no help, Wilkes searches for her, a journey that leads him far north into the Arctic and further into himself.

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Absolute Truth, 2015

Two murders on successive nights. Is it a serial killer or someone seeking vengeance? Random acts or planned killings? A young journalist trying to salvage her reputation seeks the answers but faces more and more questions: about the murders, about herself.

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Flood Moon, 2017

A man seeking a place to start over– a woman alone in a town full of lies and secrets. Calvin Hopper tells their story—one of love and loneliness, of turmoil and danger—set against a backdrop of incredible natural splendor.

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From: M. Galiette, 3/7/2015: “Masterfully crafted with engaging characters, intriguing plot, and clever dialogue, it forces the reader to explore and reconcile the uncomfortable impact of emotional, physical, and psychological darkness on ordinary lives. A repressed childhood tragedy, a perfunctory marriage, an eerie disappearance, a frigid journey into the hinterlands of civilization – just a tease of the reader’s descent into various depths of darkness, skillfully led by an alluring storyteller.” (Full review on Amazon page.)

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From Cindy Satagaj, 2/21/2016. These [characters] are smart, funny, interesting, and their dialogue alone is worth the read. Bree Cooper is…struggling with the ever widening gap she and her mother have created, navigating life as a single 27 year old female, and finding fulfillment in her work. Past failures and some questionable choices threaten to keep her where she is, but we are rooting for her and her cast of relatable characters. (Full review on Amazon page.)

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From the author: Fifty years old and adrift, Calvin Hopper is trying to shed the remnants of a relationship that has collapsed for the second and final time. The Easterner envisions the West as a place to retool, maybe even disappear; and Sage, Montana, becomes the way station on a journey whose endpoint he hasn’t really considered.

Sage is hidden by both weather and topography, but despite its sleepy appearance and a smattering of old-west kitsch, it hides a multitude of secrets, many of which extend well beyond its borders and involve other residents who have sought their own solitude. One of them is Amy O’Leary, whose personal tragedies far exceed Hopper’s. Even as they grow closer, there remains some wall Cal cannot break through, and only when they both face grave danger do we learn the secrets she has struggled to keep.