This is the first in author Dawn Leger’s series featuring Prof. Cassie Thornton, who is trying to start a new life in New York but quickly discovers that secrets from her past are hard to leave behind. The book opens as Cassie discovers the body of her writing mentor and is questioned by police about his murder. Cassie is smart and sassy and constantly butting heads with police Detective Tyler Friday.

In Did You Ever See A Horse Go By? new author Frank DeFrancesco invites the reader to witness his personal tug-of-war and ultimate triumph over the psychological and sociological restraints that immobilized him for half a lifetime. This coming-out story centers on  biographical events, old letters. unpolished poetry, and excerpts from his journals along with a few fictional composites to recreate memories and moods. “I’m not sure the world really needs another coming out story,” DeFrancesco says, “I feel deeply the need to tell it.


Book two, Freeing the Magician, released in November 2017, finds Cassie embroiled in her friend Michael’s discovery of a long-lost relative…and a new “sister” that threatens her own secure new life. The 22-book series will feature a different Tarot card with each episode as Cassie seeks her fortune in the Big Apple.

Paradise combines a whimsical look at the human experience with a cunning and critical consideration of the big questions that have been with us since time immemorial. Fortier’s work details experiences that we all share. but his work also serves to address the power of words in the works that have come before his. He asks that we consider the array of experiences that pass us by, many of which we don’t appreciate. Theses are poems with heart—the kind of heart that allows a reader to simply enjoy, question, wonder, and feel.
A terrorist cell operates in a small town on the Connecticut shore in the days before and after September 11, 2001. Fast-paced chapters alternate between the activities of an undercover operative, Raoul (known to the terrorists as Ismail), and his sister, magazine photographer Clara Quiñones, who comes to town to try and make sense of her brother’s gruesome death. Although the ending may seem inevitable, the conclusion builds to a satisfying shocker.

Award-winning artist Judith Giguere presents an easy-to-follow introduction to Chinese Brush Painting in this new book. Based on ancient practices and techniques learned at the side of Chinese masters, Giguere demonstrates the basic elements of all Chinese art in the Four Gentlemen: Bamboo, Orchid, Plum, and Chrysanthemum. With engaging text, photographs, and illustrations, students of all levels can glean new appreciation for this most spiritual art form in a short but meaningful arrangement of lessons.