On February 1, 2018, I’ll be at Storyteller’s Cottage at 750 Hopmeadow St. in Simsbury, CT, to read an excerpt from my latest novel Flood Moon and to sell and sign books. (Besides the new one, I’ll also have copies of Absolute Truth and Dark Time.)


 The readings begin at 7:00. I hope everybody within a 2,000-mile radius will try to attend.


Just to be helpful:


from Chicago–922 miles
from Denver–1898 miles (pushing the envelope)
from Phoenix–2542 miles (I’ll understand.)
from Philadelphia–222 miles. (That’s like walking distance.)


Plan accordingly. Hope to see you then.


Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Book Clubs/Reading Groups

A while back I had the opportunity to join a book club discussion of Dark Time.

Having been a classroom teacher I knew that different readers come away from a novel with different ideas, sometimes because they approach it from a different perspective, sometimes because they identify with characters to some degree, and sometimes because of countless other factors, I always enjoyed those classroom discussions, but I enjoyed the book club perspectives even more—I suppose because it was actually my book.

Despite that, one factor had not changed: different readers had differing points of view, and mine became just one more, neither more right nor more wrong than the others.

It was great fun.

I have another discussion scheduled in a month or so and I’m eager to add more to my schedule, especially since I currently have three novels in circulation.

Although I live in the central Connecticut area, I can spell and use GPS: I would not turn down a reasonable request to join a discussion, though I would be honored if you chose my book whether I was there or not.

If you’re interested, let me know and we can work out details. I just need a name and email address, along with any additional information you feel is necessary.

Then just work out the complicated math problem and click “I’m Interested.”


I'm interested in using one of your novels in my book/reading group.

6 + 8 =