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When Horace Greeley advised Americans to “Go West!” a century and a half ago, it’s doubtful he envisioned someone like Calvin Hopper. Greeley’s advice was full of promise and optimism; Hopper, who has lived and breathed the East all his life, wants only a place to escape.

He’s fifty years old and adrift, trying to shed the remnants of a relationship that has collapsed for the second and presumably final time. He envisions the West as a place to retool, maybe even disappear; and Sage, Montana becomes the way station on a journey whose endpoint he hasn’t really considered.

Sage is hidden by both weather and topography, but despite its sleepy appearance and a smattering of old-west kitsch, it hides a multitude of secrets, many of which extend well beyond its borders and involve other residents who have sought their own solitude. One of them is Amy O’Leary, whose personal tragedies far exceed Hopper’s. Even as they grow closer, there remains some wall Cal cannot break through, and only when they both face grave danger do we learn the secrets she has struggled to keep.