Three writers living in central Connecticut—David Fortier, Dawn Leger, and I—founded Lefora Publishing in 2013 to promote writing and publishing in the New England Area. And if you ever want to say our name aloud—and we encourage that—it would be accented the same as señora or fedora or menorah or angora, even gomorrah if that word holds any charm for you.

The Lefora Mission Statement

Lefora Publishing intends to publish new literature—including fiction, poetry, memoir, and criticism—with a focus on contributions that best enhance and represent the amazing, varied, and dynamic intellectual life of our New England region.

Lefora Publishing seeks to support a vibrant community of writers

…by stewarding writers through the editorial and marketing process,

…by working with emerging talent as well as seasoned writers,

…by sharing in the development of their careers,

…by hosting an online journal,

…by sponsoring writing contests,

…by offering speaking opportunities,

as we create the Lefora Publishing legacy.