Three writers living in central Connecticut—David Fortier, Dawn Leger, and I—founded Lefora Publishing in 2013 to promote writing and publishing in the New England Area. And if you ever want to say our name aloud—and we encourage that—it would be accented the same as señora or fedora or menorah or angora, even gomorrah if that word holds any charm for you.


Flood Moon is my third novel for Lefora, but the publisher has been busy with other authors too. Click below to find more of Lefora’s publications.

Publishing Information

Lefora will accept submissions from authors during the time period of January 2 through June 30 only.

(Please read our Mission Statement before you submit your work, and know that we are interested in representing writers, not simply a single piece of work.)

The Process

Submit a letter describing the nature of the work (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, etc.), the anticipated audience for the work, and a brief summary of your background. Note that submissions are welcome from writers living in and/or writing about the New England states. Attach a PDF file that includes your first three chapters, up to a maximum of twenty pages. We will not read more than that length per submission. If we want to see more, we will contact you via email. Whether or not we accept your submission, we will be in touch with you by the end of July.

Please note that a rejection is by no means a judgment of the worth of your submission, but merely a reflection of the fact that as a small publishing house, we are publishing only four to six titles each year. Among the three of us, we have collected enough rejection letters to paper a good-sized house, and so we take the process of reading very seriously. Know that we respect the process and the work you submit, and please do us the courtesy of sending only your best for us to read.

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