Writers are always asking what if?

•What if Gatsby didn’t have quite everything he wanted?

•What if Hester Prynne’s husband wasn’t really dead?

•What if some animals were more equal than others?


In 2009 when the “Miracle on the Hudson” was blazoned across our TV screens and we all sat captivated by the images of a passenger jet afloat on the Hudson River, I wondered what if not everybody was having quite so good a day—if the rescue was no more than a stepping stone to something grimmer.

Dark Time evolved out of that “if.”

Synopsis: In the eyes of anyone around her, Keira Wilkes has everything: a successful husband, two healthy sons, and a lovely home on the Connecticut gold coast. Keira also has a secret—a lie that she has carried with her for thirty of her forty years. It’s not just another childhood embarrassment either, not some incident to laugh about decades later. Keira’s lie involves another little girl’s death, and though the incident straddles the line between intent and chance, Keira’s parents give her permission, even advise her, to forget all about it.

But a chance meeting with a former classmate and a brush with her own death sets in progress a series of events that drives Keira far away from the comforts of her suburban life and into the wilds of northern Canada, to the territory of Nunavut, where the darkness of the Arctic mirrors the darkness of her soul. And her escape sets her husband on a desperate search to find her before the darkness consumes them both.

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